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  Welcome to the SARA Home Page  

    Thank you for visiting our Web Site.  I have taken the view that information however presented, is better than no information at all.

    The site is for the people of Stepaside, it's residents. Please read the objects of the Association.  They are set out below.

    All material accepted for publication will be in the context of the site in general.  The Webmaster's decision is final.

    Pat Naismith - Webmaster SARA


    1. To safeguard and improve the existing environmental assets, amenities, and character of the immediate Stepaside area and its' residents.

    2. To effect the provision of the amenities and resources already lacking in the area.

    3. To influence the planning process for the development of the area to ensure and enshrine the above.

    4. To influence the planning process for the development of the area towards reasonable and sustainable development, to ensure the provision of good quality homes, with minimum environmental destruction and intrusion, and incorporating all the infrastructural and social amenities and utilities appropriate to the popolation size of each development.

    5. To represent the residents of the immediate Stepaside area in particolar with reference to any representations to Local Government Authorities or other bodies or groups with a view to furthering the objects of the Association to the oltimate benefit of the residents.

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